Thursday, 28 April 2016

End Of Term ANZAC Parade.

 We finished our school term with a special ANZAC Day Parade. The whole school and some parents attended it before we went on holiday.

 Sebastian was our flag bearer. It's a great honour to be chosen as a class representative for something like this.
The crosses were guarded by our flag bearers throughout the ceremony. It was a time to reflect before we left for our holiday.

Friday, 8 April 2016

More ANZAC Soldiers than First Thought-By Gloria

Nearly twice the number of New Zealand soldiers served at Gallipoli in the first world war than first thought.  More soldiers arrived later on.  

More than 16,000 soldiers served at Gallipoli, rather than 8556 in 1919 documents. The discovery in January of old notebooks  detail the movements of Australian and New Zealand soldiers in 1915.  


Photo By:Kiwi Kids News

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Science Experiments With Room 12

Finding out how to do these experiments together.

As part of our collaborative learning we spent one day a week for the last three weeks working with Room 12 on some science experiments.

Trying out what we decided to do in our work groups.

We had an aim, a hypothesis, a method and a result for each one. Our experiments were trying to make a lava lamp, a volcano and to see what happens when we add food colouring and dish washing liquid to milk.

A volcano erupts successfully 

It was hard work finding out how to do these experiments but once we all pitched in and shared our thoughts and ideas we were successful.  

Mr Reid.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Cooking is Fun-By Pepe

Every Wednesday the year 7s and 8s go to Tamaki college to do tech. At tech there are classes called graphics,cooking,wood and metal tech.This year we have been cooking with the other year 8's from Room 12.My favourite has been the chocolate milkshake so far. I wonder what us year 8's will make today .pixabay

Room 11's digital painting from week 8 and 9

In Room 11 we digitally drew A Taniwha  and mine looks like a dragon. You could try some patterns like this too. I used Sumo Paint and we all finished it last week. Everyone had different ideas and patterns to publish on our blogs.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

New Internet Cable Gives Us Faster Internet-By Vaimoana

New Zealand is to get a second undersea internet cable link to the United states. The 14,000 km cable will be running by mid 2018. The cable will link New Zealand to the United States via Hawaii, and Australia. It is expected to cost about $500 million dollars for us to use. I think this is cool and exciting for us in the Manaiakalani cluster because it will give us better internet access and speed.                                                             Kiwikids News

NASA to launch inflatable home-By Samuel

NASA has announced they will launch the first inflatable home into space. The home  is called the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module or (BEAM for short.) It be in space on Friday the 8th of April. It will land and be deployed on the international Space Station. Astronauts will test the BEAM of about two years to see how it holds.

Photo From KiwiKids