Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The King Of Stingers-By Quros

It all started off small when I took my pet Scorpion for a walk. Just one day can change everything.

I took my Scorpion for a walk to the Zoo to see the other Scorpions. As I went to the Scorpion section the alarm went off... OOOOOHHHH! OOOOOHHHH!
There was a man on the speaker saying “Alert! Alert! The Scorpions have cracked the glass window with their stingers. Oh and they have a new species called Alphatraz. It’s a species that can turn you into a Scorpion. Get out of here now people!” I was terrified.

The doors closed on me, I was trapped in the SCORPION SECTION. All the Scorpions chased me around and around until I got stung by 40 of them. I was screaming for help as loud as I could. 4 days later, BOOM! I was a Scorpion. A Scorpion that chased other people and was dangerous. I was enjoying being bad. It was a lot of fun chasing these people around.

I thought this would never end but 24 hours later I turned back into a boy again. BOOOOOOOOO!

By Quros.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Skipping! For fitness! For fun! -By Room 11.

 Room 11 is great at displaying different skipping tricks.
 We work well with each other and enjoy trying things out.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Badminton Lesson-By Room 11

Yesterday we had our second badminton lesson and we were coached by Danny.

We all partnered up and had longer rallies to each other. It was fun and we are getting better. We are looking forward to next week's lesson.

By Room 11

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Room 5 Visits Us For Buddy Reading.-By Room 11

Yesterday Room 5 visited us for buddy reading. The year 2 and 3's were very impressed with our chromebook work.
They had a chance to listen to us read to them what we have written this term...
And got to see our presentations and other work we have done over the term.
Thanks for the visit Room 5.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Extreme Bus-By Mele.

Hi last week room 11 had a surprise from me and my family because my dad works for a rich man from the city. I asked Dave who is my dad’s boss if I could have a bus for my class. After school that day I heard a horn from outside.

I went outside and saw Dave and the bus. He said to me… “Are we going to go or are you going to just stand there?”
I took a photo of it at the workshop before he upgraded it with furniture and put a giant flatsceen in as well.  Here it is… It's gold. There were other buses there but I chose the gold coloured paintjob.
Screenshot 2015-06-08 at 10.10.25 AM.png

I couldn’t do anything because he told me to stay back as it was dangerous in the workshop. I can't wait for this bus to be finished.

By Mele.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Hydropower-By Tyla.

Hydroelectricity has been a part of New Zealand for nearly 100 years!
In New Zealand our hydropower sources are powered by dams over rivers. There are sometimes protests against making more dams in NZ because we don’t want to ruin our natural environment. Hydroelectricity supplied around 20% of the world's  electricity in 2006.

The more water there is, the faster a turbine spins and it can make more electricity. Hydropower is the largest source of energy used in New Zealand.

By Tyla.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Helping Each Other-By Maranatha

Some people help others and some don’t.

People are poor and they always go out in places and beg for any spare change.. (I always give them money because I’m a good helper). Some people need help but most people seem just too busy to help them. A friend of mine helps everyone. She helps me too. She picks me or other people up when they fall and she always keeps them happy and doesn’t make them feel left out. That’s called helping. Do you like people who help you or not?
Screenshot 2015-06-05 at 10.09.00 AM.png
Some people don’t care and sometimes, after you’ve helped them and given them advice on things, they change and start to hate you and that’s sad. People help because they care and they want your life to be happy. Helping people isn’t a big deal.

Be happy, don’t let others bring you down. You can’t help everyone but you can help someone in need.

By Maranatha.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

The Scooter Race-By Popi

Yesterday a funny thing happened while Sebastian and I were having a race on scooters but suddenly….. Stay tuned to see what happens next.

The race was on and I was in the lead but then… he passed me and wanted to win. I was taking my time once I got on to the slippery concrete. Sebastian was going fast while I was going slow and suddenly he turned and slipped over. He started laughing and then I started to laugh but he got back up and we were still racing.

When he fell I almost ran him over, but luckily I didn’t. At the end of the slippery path I did one big drift but I didn’t fall over. I was almost at the finish line but I lost because Sebastian cheated. He went through this hole in our gate I had made and he won.

By Popi