Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Quality Blogs Comments by Elaine

We are learning to write quality blog comments. We have created infographics to help us remember  what we need to include when posting a comment on a blog.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Second at Interschool netball!

On Wednesday our year 7 and 8 netball team came second overall out of 11 teams. We only lost to Sylvia Park School in the final. Quros and Heilala from R11 were in the team and played exceptionally well. 

Miria from R12 was an outstanding captain and Chance from R12 earned a well deserved player of the day award. We are proud of our Y7/8's and they were great representatives of Ruapotaka School 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Our Report Writing -By Room 11.

We decided that these topics would make great reports for us to attempt this week.

3/8/15 - 7/8/15.

  1. Suliasi/Quros/Sophie-Isabella/Gloria- Thomas Edison and Electric lightbulbs.
  2. Matali/Heilala/Jamaine- Vampires (myths and legends)
  3. Samuel/ Pallas/ Elaine- Air Pollution
  4. Popi/ Harris/ Tiperia/Pepe- Bull Sharks
  5. Maranatha/Akanesi/Sebastian/Mele- Culture In Samoa.
  6. Aydrian/Tyla/Henare/Anavea- The Wolf Spider.

We need to only report on part of these topics. They are too big otherwise.
We are working in small groups together (Learn/Create/Share) to help each other and find specific information to use in our individual reports.
Monday- Discuss/decided topic/started research and planning our topic.
Tuesday/Wednesday-Writing together as a group and sharing our information.
Thursday/Friday-Completing our report topic and adding extras like infographics, illustrations, photos etc to back our research up.

You can view us creating our reports by clicking on the link below.