Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Our Report Writing -By Room 11.

We decided that these topics would make great reports for us to attempt this week.

3/8/15 - 7/8/15.

  1. Suliasi/Quros/Sophie-Isabella/Gloria- Thomas Edison and Electric lightbulbs.
  2. Matali/Heilala/Jamaine- Vampires (myths and legends)
  3. Samuel/ Pallas/ Elaine- Air Pollution
  4. Popi/ Harris/ Tiperia/Pepe- Bull Sharks
  5. Maranatha/Akanesi/Sebastian/Mele- Culture In Samoa.
  6. Aydrian/Tyla/Henare/Anavea- The Wolf Spider.

We need to only report on part of these topics. They are too big otherwise.
We are working in small groups together (Learn/Create/Share) to help each other and find specific information to use in our individual reports.
Monday- Discuss/decided topic/started research and planning our topic.
Tuesday/Wednesday-Writing together as a group and sharing our information.
Thursday/Friday-Completing our report topic and adding extras like infographics, illustrations, photos etc to back our research up.

You can view us creating our reports by clicking on the link below.

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  1. Really interested in reading your reports on your topics, especially about the myths and legends of vampires, I will watch this space with interest