Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Joseph Parker-By Matali.

Hand Arrows Right Animation ClipartJoseph ParkerHand Arrows Left Animation Clipart

Joseph Parker is my role model. He is a boxer and he fights in the 103 kgs division. He has won a lot of  boxing belts and he has knocked out heaps of fighters. Joseph Parker is a humble boxer when he knocks people out.

I want  Joseph Parker to visit my room so he can teach us kids some boxing moves and how not to give up.


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  2. Kia Orana Matali, I really enjoyed reading your blurb about Joseph Parker. It's amazing that he is an inspiration to you and I am also a big fan of his. I've watched all his fights anxiously and all the highlights. Something I also like is when he wins his fight Burger King has specials. Keep up the good work!

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