Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Extreme Bus-By Mele.

Hi last week room 11 had a surprise from me and my family because my dad works for a rich man from the city. I asked Dave who is my dad’s boss if I could have a bus for my class. After school that day I heard a horn from outside.

I went outside and saw Dave and the bus. He said to me… “Are we going to go or are you going to just stand there?”
I took a photo of it at the workshop before he upgraded it with furniture and put a giant flatsceen in as well.  Here it is… It's gold. There were other buses there but I chose the gold coloured paintjob.
Screenshot 2015-06-08 at 10.10.25 AM.png

I couldn’t do anything because he told me to stay back as it was dangerous in the workshop. I can't wait for this bus to be finished.

By Mele.

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