Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Hatter's Gold- By Nurul

Hatters Gold is the name of one of my favourite books that we read as a group. The first half of the page says

I own a dead man’s boots because the coal miners went on strike. Our teacher, Baldy Bremner, would say I was drawing a long bow talking like that bending the truth into a shape that suits me better. But I’m not, you know. If the strike hadn’t gone ahead, Mum could have afforded to buy me new boots, like she’d been planning.

I wouldn’t have gone looking for gold and I wouldn’t have found the professor staggering down the Croesus track with a bloody rag tied around his leg, the red drops going all the way back to his chopping block and the other half is. The strike started on a Thursday. It was February the 27th, 1908. We were walking home for lunch, and I remember I stubbed my toe on a rock.I was hopping around, clutching my foot and swearing, and Teddy said, “You’d better not let Dad hear you saying them words.”

Seeing the men above ground, in the middle of the day ... that usually meant an accident down the mine. I was relieved to see Dad at the front of the group. Now that you know a bit about the story you should go read it, it is one of the best story books that ever came out in my opinion.

Monday, 15 June 2020

King Street Bridge- By Kate

For reading my group Apples read a story called "King Street Bridge". There are four students in our group- Sunipa, Agueer, Satui and me.

This narrative was about Hera, a girl who had a lot of panic attacks andt was also getting bullied at the same time. Once she had to walk home by herself and then the bullies (Lyza and Rebecca) threw water all over the poor girl causing her to have a panic attack. Hera then woke up to the sound of Lyza and Rebecca crying and tried to help her up. 

In the end Hera forgave them and they soon decided to be friends. Hera's best friend Jules helped her through the whole thing but couldn't be there to help her during the time she was having her panic attack. 

I really enjoyed reading this story! 

Earthworms-By Satui

Red Wigglers - Composting Worms - Free Shipping | ...Last Wednesday at tech we were learning about earthworms. You might think they look kind of disturbing but they are very helpful to our environment, by letting air in and carbon dioxide out of the soil.  Worms also help to increase the amount of air and water that gets into the soil and more.

 Mrs.Sharma give us some worms to see what day would do. I had four worms one of the worms were aggrieve the other two were sleepy and the other one was trying to jump out. We were watching a video of how helpful worm are.    

Friday Volleyball -By Sunipa

Last Friday Room 1 and 7 were doing volley ball. We all went down to the basketball court and met our tutor.  Her name was coach Elena.
When we got there she made us run 2 laps, get into groups of 4 and made us set the ball to each other. Kate and I were on 1 side while Agueer and Winnie were on the other. I had a total blast oh and best of all when my team and I were playing king of the court we won all our matches against our opponents.
On my team were Agueer, Frank, Winnie and Pita. Everyone in the team tried their best to get the ball over the net, we did so well.  After we were done with our lesson we went back to class and did some work.

Monday, 20 April 2020

Feijoas! -By Kate

New Zealand is now set for a bumper Feijoa crop in 2020. Whats surprising is that the droughts that have been happening around many regions are whats been helping this delicious fruit grow. Many growers have been saying that their crops are 20% higher than last year.

 This huge crop will be available from April to June. Eating Feijoas are very important during Autumn and Winter as they have a lot of Vitamin C to fight off colds, the flu and bugs. 

Friday, 17 April 2020

New Zealand first 24/7 online supermarket opens-By Satui

The country's first goal-built online supermarket has just opened on April the 16th.
 The brand new Countdown e-store is located in Penrose, Auckland.

It is foreseen that the new online market will fill up to 7500 online orders a week from the Auckland region.
 It will employ 200 people, as well as create 106 new jobs. The e-store that will be open 24-hours a day, seven days a week was planned prior to the corona-virus lock down.