Monday, 14 November 2016

Henare's Favourite Scene In The Huntsman.

Henare wrote this about his favourite scene. It's great work.

SnowWhite and the huntsman is a fantasy/drama film.

The main cast members in the movie are:
Kristen Stewart as Snow White,
Charlize Theron as Queen Ravenna,
Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman,
Sam Claflin as Prince William/ Snow White’s best friend
Raffey cassidy as young Snow White

My favorite scene in the movie is when the evil queen shape shifts into Prince William and feeds Snow White the poison apple. As she takes a bite she feels herself dying. As she is dying the queen turns back to her normal form. As she is lying on the ground crows start circling Snow White, Prince William and the Huntsman hear the crows and rush over to see what was going on. When they see Snow White and the evil queen, they try to hit Queen Ravenna with all their might but she disappears!

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