Friday, 15 May 2015

A Day In The Life Of A Soldier At Gallipoli-By Harris

6.00am BOOM! Yay, it's another day in the trenches. Just woke up and found my best mate had died in that explosion
7.00am Just finished my breakfast. Bully beef soup.
10:00am. Got ready to attack the Turks. Feeling depressed.
10.30am Back in our trench. I just watched 15 mates of mine die in our failed attack.
12.00pm I  just received my lunch. Hardtack and jam... Yum. “The Turks are attacking. Gear up!" An officer yelled.
1.15pm I'm lying on the ground wondering why I can't stand up.
2.15pm I wake up in this tent full of injured soldiers and nurses.
2.20pm Just finished listening to the nurse telling me what happened. I was lucky. I had no injuries and was just shocked by a grenade.
3.00pm Went back up to the trenches.
4.00pm Dinner time, Bully beef and hard tack. Delicious.
7.00pm Getting dark. Watching flares go up in the air. Can’t wait for the next day.

By Harris

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