Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Door-By Akanesi

As I was walking down the hallway a door suddenly appeared out of nowhere.It was very colourful and I turned on the light so I could see it properly. I wasn’t scared so I opened it. A young lady came out of the door and said "Hello Akanesi, welcome to the world of second chances. They call it the world of second chances because it is a place for people who made a big mistake and they can change it."
Now I haven't made any mistakes in my past because I am only young. But I walked in anyway. I saw a lot of people in there and it was really scary. She told me the reason I’m in there is because in the future I will make the biggest mistake of  of my life and I will regret it everyday. I was there to change my future and stop the mistake from happening.

By Akanesi.

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