Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Our Museum Trip- By Tyla

At the end of last term the year 7’s and 8’s went to the Auckland War Museum. We were split into groups of 5 with an adult supervisor.

original.jpgI remember seeing nurses uniforms and a picture of a  group of nurses who helped injured soldiers during the war. There was a very old first aid kit. When we were walking around we saw some badges and different kinds of guns by the library. We also saw a Spitfire that was used in WW2.
vickers.jpgIt was sad reading the names of the soldiers who died during the wars.

The last thing we looked at was Gallipoli in Minecraft. I really enjoyed it because it felt like you were really there and only you can see what’s happening right in front of you. The 3D goggles were cool.
By Tyla.

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